Fall 2019

  • September 7th-8th: Varsity Men's and Women's Tryouts
  • September 20th-22nd: Arkansas Women's Arena Tournament, Bentonville, AR
  • September 27th: Clinic with Robin Sanchez
  • October 2nd-3rd: Junior Varsity Women's Tryouts
  • October 5th: Club Members Match
  • October 19th: OSU Homecoming Parade
  • October 20th: OSU Alumni Match
  • November 7th-10th: Fall Fandango Polo Tournament, Kaufman, TX
  • November 16th: Club Members Match

Spring 2020

  • February 8th-9th: Clinic with Connor Deal
  • February 15th-16th: Women's Varsity vs. St. Louis Interscholastic 
  • February 21st-23rd: Central Intercollegiate Preliminary Tournament, Kaufman, TX
    • Mens and Womens Varsity‚Äč
  • TBA: Club Members Match 
  • TBA: Parents Weekend
  • TBA: OSU vs. Texas Tech, Lubbock, TX


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